Car problems are the worst! They never come at a convenient time and are often costly. Who has time to visit the dealership or auto repair shop and sit there for hours on end while your car is being repaired? Quite often, a mechanic will tell you that you need to leave your car there for days for them to work on and the repair bill sends you into sticker shock! Today, there is an alternative to the traditional auto repair shop and that is a mobile mechanic. But how much do mobile mechanics cost and are they a better choice than traditional repair shops?

What is a Mobile Mechanic

A mobile mechanic is an automotive repair specialist who comes to your location to perform any necessary work on your car, truck, or RV. Your mobile mechanic in Bakersfield, CA, MechaMedix, provides 24-hour emergency roadside assistance as well as engine repairs and routine maintenance.


Are Mobile Mechanics Cheaper Than Garages?

Mobile mechanics are typically less expensive than traditional auto repair shops. Larger repair shops and dealerships have tons of overhead that they pass on to you, the consumers. Aside from employee salaries, utilities, and rent or mortgages for their physical location, dealerships generally use expensive brand-specific diagnostics tools that can be quite costly.

Mobile mechanics, on the other hand, operate out of a truck, van, or trailer and have all the tools a typical garage would have. This lack of expense associated with a physical presence can result in a 30% average savings on labor rates over traditional garages.

Location Plays a Role in Mobile Mechanic Labor Rates

MechaMedix is a mobile mechanic located in Bakersfield, CA. Our rates may be less than a mobile mechanic in a big city like Los Angeles but higher than a mechanic in a lesser populated area or rural community. One thing we can say is that we provide quality service at an affordable rate.

Mobile Mechanic vs Car Garages

Hiring a mobile mechanic has several benefits over a traditional auto repair garage.

  • Flexibility. Mobile mechanics come to you and can work around your schedule.
  • Cost-Effective:¬†Unlike a garage, a mobile mechanic has zero expenses related to a brick and mortar shop, has no one’s wages to cover but their own, and just the right amount of tools needed to perform their work quickly and efficiently. For these reasons, mobile mechanic costs are inclined to be more affordable than a dealership or auto repair shop.

Affordable Mobile Mechanic in Bakersfield, CA


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